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An ode to Africa's perfumery past and present

The African continent stands as a cornerstone in perfumery's history, offering an unparalleled richness of olfactory treasures that have entranced the senses for millennia.

From the ancient use of unguents in what is now South Africa, speculated to date back as far as 75,000 years ago, to the legendary expeditions for myrrh in Somalia and Ethiopia launched by the Egyptians, Africa's perfumed legacy is profound.

Today, some of the most sought-after perfumery ingredients are found on the continent. Treasures such as Madagascar’s sumptuously rich vanilla and Somalia’s revered frankincense offer but a glimpse of the significant perfumery ingredients originating from the African continent.

These ingredients speak to the illustrious history of perfumery on the continent and its vibrant present and future.

Our extraordinary African ingredients

Driven by our passion for magnificent flora, we are committed to showcasing the most exceptional African perfumery ingredients.

Our brand is dedicated to celebrating the uniqueness of ingredients across Africa, their exceptional quality and olfactory notes shaped by the varied topography, soil characteristics, altitude, and humidity, which converge to foster the growth of extraordinary ingredients.

From the Cedarwood grown in the rugged Atlas Mountains of Morocco to the Olibanum harvested according to ancestral traditions in Somalia, each ingredient is exceptional.

Each carefully selected ingredient emerges as a pivotal component within our perfumes, intricately woven to encapsulate a unique narrative drawn from the heart of nature.

Celebrating our suppliers

Within our fragrances, marvelous African ingredients weave a tale of homage—each one reverently acknowledging its singular origin, the skilled hands of suppliers who nurture them, and the distinctive climate that breathes life into their essence.

Our ingredients are sourced through partners that offer transparency, measure social impact, and work to contribute to positive impact initiatives.

In our tribute to African ingredients, we embrace their distinct narratives sculpted by the uniqueness of the soil and the eternal spirit of the land.