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Our heritage: from conservation to fine fragrances

Our tale begins in a majestic nature reserve nestled in the westernmost part of the African continent. Our family conserves this sanctuary and the magnificent fauna and flora that grace its expansive lands.

A magical place, where noble lions sleep under the branches of thousand-year old baobab trees, this nature reserve forms part of a UNESCO world heritage site. We pay tribute to the year 1934, the year when these lands became a protected forest.

Inspired by magnificent ingredients and breathtaking nature, Réserve en Afrique is an homage to the extraordinary, complex, and diverse nature that exists across the African continent.

Extraordinary African ingredients

Driven by our passion for magnificent flora, we are committed to showcasing the most exceptional African perfumery ingredients.

The African continent, a cornerstone in perfumery's history, offers an unparalleled richness of olfactory treasures that have captivated the senses for millennia. Today, some of the most sought-after perfumery ingredients are found on the continent.

Within our fragrances, marvelous African ingredients weave a tale of homage—each one reverently acknowledging its origin, the skilled hands of suppliers who nurture them, and the distinctive climate that breathes life into their essence.

Eco-conscious perfumery with a positive impact

At the core of our brand lies a deep-rooted commitment to celebrating African nature and a dedication to conservation.

Our eco-conscious fragrances and exquisitely crafted products are vegan and cruelty-free. They feature responsibly sourced naturals and upcycled ingredients and are free from controversial additives such as parabens, phthalates, UV filters, or colorants.

We donate a portion of our products' sales proceeds to conservation efforts across the African continent.


Afrique Extraordinaire Collection