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Afrique en Fleurs - Set of 3 Soaps

With Argan & Baobab

3 X 125G


On a rough dry terrain, amongst the cracks of rocks, enigmatic flowers flourish. A fresh breeze flutters their striking petals while hot sand swirls below. The intense dry heat teases out their extraordinary scent. A land where sweeping vistas reveal desolate earth in all four directions can spur the most magnificent life. Every now and then, great beauty requires great contrasts. 

The fragrance opens with vibrant burst of Orange (South Africa) and zesty Ginger (Nigeria), followed by a complex floral heart of elegant Rose (Morocco), powdery Iris (Ivory Coast) reminiscent of sand swirling below the flowers, and bright Chamomile (Egypt). It is finished with an addicting base of sensual Sandalwood (Somalia) and creamy Vanilla (Madagascar).

Exquisitely crafted bar soaps

Our bar soaps are formulated with a beautiful olive and coconut oils and enriched with Malian Baobab oil and Moroccan Argan oil. They are free from parabens, phthalates, palm oil, or added colorants. We are a PETA-listed vegan & cruelty-free brand.

Impact through Conservation

We donate a portion of Afrique en Fleurs products' sales proceeds to initiatives that prioritize nature conservation, particularly focusing on habitat protection and biodiversity preservation.

At the core of our brand lies a deep-rooted commitment to celebrating African nature and a dedication to conservation.

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Designed and made in Africa.

Afrique en Fleurs - Set of 3 Soaps


Floral and sumptuous, this is a story of great beauty and contrasts, with the intense heat of the sun, swirling sand, and exquisite flowers

The Afrique Extraordinaire Collection

The fragrances in our Afrique Extraordinaire collection are inspired by unique experiences of nature across the varied landscapes and ecosystems of the African continent.

Each fragrance is made with extraordinary African ingredients that embody distinctive olfactory aspects nurtured in their native climates, seeking to awaken a profound connection to nature.

Our Heritage

Our tale begins in a majestic natural reserve nestled in the westernmost part of the African continent, which today forms part of a world heritage site.

Here, wild white rhinoceros roam the savanna, noble lions bask under the dazzling sun, and vibrant blue birds perch atop the branches of thousand-years old baobab trees.

Rooted in our founders' family legacy is a deep commitment to conservation efforts of the magnificent fauna and flora that grace these expansive lands.