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Africa's extraordinary ingredients celebrated through master perfumery

Expertly crafted by maîtres parfumeurs, our fine fragrances are made with extraordinary African ingredients sourced with great care.

From the precious powdery iris of Ivory Coast to the hand-pollinated vanilla of Madagascar, each ingredient is chosen with the utmost passion and is masterfully blended into an olfactive experience that is as majestic as the landscape that inspires it.

Our heritage: from conservation to fine fragrances

Our tale begins in a majestic nature reserve nestled in the westernmost part of the African continent. Our family conserves this sanctuary and the magnificent fauna and flora that grace its expansive lands.

A magical place, where wild white rhinoceros roam the savanna, noble lions
bask under the dazzling sun, and vibrant blue birds perch atop the branches of thousand-years old baobab trees. We pay tribute to the year 1934, the year when these lands became a protected forest.

Inspired by magnificent ingredients and breathtaking nature, Réserve en Afrique is an homage to the extraordinary, complex, and diverse nature that exists across the African continent.

Impact through conservation

At the core of our brand lies a deep-rooted commitment to celebrating African nature and raising awareness for the conservation of its delicate ecosystems.

Our dedication to the conservation of the natural world drives us to continuously assess and support initiatives such as ecosystem preservation and wildlife protection.

With each of our fragrance lines, we thoughtfully contribute to targeted conservation efforts. Additional information about the causes we support can be found on individual product pages.

Eco-conscious perfumery & exquisitely crafted products

Our products are genderless and we are a PETA-listed vegan and cruelty-free brand.

Our fine fragrances feature responsibly sourced naturals and upcycled ingredients to support circularity. Our natural alcohol base is derived from beetroots.

Our ingredients are sourced through partners that offer transparency, measure social impact, and work to contribute to positive impact initiatives.

Our products are free from ingredients such as silicone, mineral oil, petroleum, paraffin, paraben, phthalate, GMO, and SLS/SLES

Our rigorous standards

We hold ourselves to the highest standards of quality.

We are fully compliant with the stringent regulations set by the EU for cosmetics, as well as the rigorous standards established by the International Fragrance Association (IFRA) for fragrances.

Our commitment is resolute, driven by a passion to craft nothing short of the most exquisite products.

Réserve en Afrique is an homage to the extraordinary, complex, and diverse nature across the African continent.